The Model

The Model The team is here to help. We are here to let you focus entirely on your event content, sponsorship, and attendance. Let us worry about the pieces – we’ll make sure your event comes off

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting is a key tool for understanding your event and its attendees. Some use the information for sales leads, others for marketing or building a user base. Whatever your reason is, you can be sure that provides in-depth reporting

University-Style Courses

Online and Virtual University-Style Courses Organizations and learning institutions of all levels are looking for ways to virtualize their curriculums and provide students the ability to take classes and learn at their own pace. Many institutions have spent millions of

Corporate Training Courses

Training internal and external stakeholders on processes, support issues and overall organizational issues can be a huge undertaking, requiring substantial budgets for travel and large time commitments from executives and managers. There is an easier way. The platform is

Professional Certifications

Most organizations deal with professional requirements that mandate their employees, consultants or agents to complete a number of courses for credit in order to maintain their professional status. Those working in education, health care, finance, and many other professions are

Security, Data Protection, Transparency for Virtual Events

Security, Data Protection, Transparency for Virtual Events With, data and access security, along with “GDPR” isn’t just a term, it’s caring for the data of your attendees.  Our Privacy Center gives attendees a comprehensive look at the information associated