Security, Data Protection, Transparency for Virtual Events

With, data and access security, along with “GDPR” isn’t just a term, it’s caring for the data of your attendees.  Our Privacy Center gives attendees a comprehensive look at the information associated with their accounts.  In addition, they have the ability to add, change and remove their registration details.  We handle all of the management of the information behind the scenes, with a comprehensive series of protections and controls over the information stored.

  • SSL Encryption for connections to events for registration and event access
  • Web application firewalls for web server access controls
  • Secure connections behind the scenes for database access, web server management
  • Controlled access to the database systems
  • Secure, “need to know,”  and confidential access controls for all systems
  • Encryption of data at rest
  • Regular penetration testing and analysis
  • All systems are designed with the security of personal information at the forefront, with access controls built-in

All of this comes together to provide your attendees with the controls and transparency they demand.

At the same time, the platform won’t sacrifice usage reporting and other tools that you need to produce the reporting on your events. Even if attendees remove their information, you’ll have access to reporting on event attendance, system usage, revenues, and more. We take care of anonymizing the data on accounts that opt-out and unregister, but you retain the management information you need to thrive with your events.