Virtual, Hybrid, In-Person and Learning Events

Hybrid Virtual and In-Person Events

When it comes to protecting your event plans, providing options for your attendees and making sure you can provide content, interaction and networking for your community, Hybrid Events are a key option.

Hybrid virtual conferences approach a conference or event from both the in-person, offline sense, and also the online, virtual event approach.  These are great options for providing attendees with the option of attending both online and offline, while preserving income opportunities, monetization options and so much more.  

Your options for exhibitors, for attendees, for content and community are all optimized when virtual events are provided in a hybrid format.  Many attendees find that they can attend some sessions live, then attend the balance of the sessions they may have missed (because you can only be in one place at a time during an in-person event), in the Virtual Environment.  

The same is said for exhibitors – they can easily cater to missed opportunities at the in-person event, providing for additional chances to meet, to learn about opportunities and options for new customers and clients, and to continue interacting with those interested in their offerings.  

There are good ways, and better ways to incorporate virtual events in your overall strategy.  Be sure to talk with your event coach about best practices – you never want to risk canabalizing your events, in either direction (virtual or in-person) – but rather you want them to be complimentory.  

There are key steps and approaches you can take to assure success, and to actually increase your audience, increase your revenues, your reach, and not impair the in-person event.  You’ll also be insulating against travel challenges for last-minute attendees, for surprises on a local basis, and providing people the choice on how best to attend events to accomplish their own goals. 

VIrtual events are not necessarily exclusive – you don’t have to force a choice between virtual, hybrid or in-person events – most of the time, the correct answer is simply, “Yes.”  All of the above.  

These types of events are excellent for community events, corporate events, learning events, online courses, CEU events, networking and business generation events – nearly any type of event strategy can benefit from a well-structured hybrid event approach.  

Increate your revenues from exhibitors, from attendees, from sponsor options – and at the same time, explore new options for presenting the content your community craves. 

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