Friday Feature with vConferenceOnline: Exhibit Sub-Lobbies

As an event organizer, you have many different booths that may be involved with your event. 

Poster booths or poster sessions. 


Sponsors, including all of the different sponsor levels that you may have


Information booths


Your in-person events typically come with a guide or a map. Tech booths over here. Medical device booths over there. Curriculum shops in the corner. Speaker assigned booths upfront by the main doors. 

Why aren’t you providing the same clarity to your virtual or hybrid attendees? As your attendees continue to get more familiar with the virtual event experience, you need to ensure that they can easily navigate through your event’s booths. 

There’s only one issue: Most online event platforms cannot help you provide this level of thoughtful organization. 

Let us introduce vConferenceOnline’s Exhibit Sub-Lobbies.

Each of these lobbies has no limit to the number of spaces to how many booths you can provide, so create some incredible sponsorship opportunities and fill them up! 

Our Exhibit Sub-Lobbies allow you to: 

  1. Provide intuitive navigation for your attendees to ensure that they make it to the booths they value. Your attendees will be so glad that you chose to use a platform that prioritizes their ease of navigation! 
  2. Prioritize different types of booths to drive attendee traffic to those areas. Your sponsors will be able to create positive ROI on their investment in your event by generating leads, awareness, and, potentially, purchases! 
  3. Maximize your sponsorship packages to drive your event revenue. Your event strategy will continue to wow your organization, and you will be looked to as a leader in your industry! 

Our Exhibit Sub-Lobbies are an industry-unique way to increase attendee traffic to your most essential booths and maximize your sponsorship revenue. Click below to schedule a demo and see it in action for yourself!

Now that you have a tool to hold all the different booths for your event, how will you incentivize sponsors to invest in your event? Click below to download your Sponsorship Package Playbook to create irresistible sponsorship opportunities!