Full-Scale (Amazing Service) Virtual Events

Virtual events on the vConferenceOnline.com platform don’t stop at mini-events.  The platform supports 100’s of 1000’s of attendees, many 1000’s of booths, unlimited sessions, speakers and more.  

The platform provides many unique features in support of larger events, including extraordinary capabilities like:

  • Event coach assigned to provide best practices, guidance, suggestions, assistance for the setup process
  • Event audits and reviews by your coach to assure you’re good to go and have an even more excellent event
  • Unlimited simultaneous session tracks/rooms that allow you to have as many sessions happening at the same time as you like.  
  • Unlimited attendees – no need to be concerned about the outstanding success of your event – the attendees will be supported, have a great experience and be able to enjoy your event on the platform. 
  • Integration with membership systems (like YourMembership), CRMs (with direct API interaction and/or import/export functionality)
  • Integration with payment providers – with no ongoing commissions to vConferenceOnline.com
  • Continuing education – we’ll track session attendance, provide a quiz, and if the attendee then qualifies, issue a certificate… all automatically.  You can pick and choose the sessions that provide this.  
  • Red-Alert support – your event admins will have access to the red-alert system with guaranteed response times during your event.
  • Full help desk, ticket system and support options
  • Event registration types – that allow attendees to register for subsections of content and access – for example tracks 1, 4 and 5, but not 2, 3 and 6.  
  • Freemium events – tracks can be designated free or paid within an event based on registration types
  •  And more…
When you architect your event, it’s important to consider the full attendee experience, from content they will have access to for sessions.  Things like presentations, downloadable materials, access to interactive features with attendees, speakers and exhibitors, and access to on-demand items appropriate for their event all come into play and help attendees make the most of the event, even on a larger-scale.
Virtual and hybrid events should be powerful, effective tools for all involved, from attendees to exhibitors, speakers to event organizers.  vConferenceOnline.com will provide the tools and capabilities to ensure success with any size audience, any number of sessions, and any number of exhibitors.
You have many options and approaches available to you – from service levels that include concierge service and fully-managed, to live, simulated live, and on-demand sessions.  That’s why we’re here, and ready to help.