The Webinar Platform and Options Available...

The platform provides unique opportunities for your webinars.  You’ll have increased opportunities to earn revenues, make a big splash with your webinars, and gain key demographic information about your attendees, all in one place.

The includes so much more than your typical webinar platform – the webinar system includes your customizable lobby, an exhibit hall, and so much more.  With free and enhanced paid options for webinars, the platform can provide important opportunities for you.

Many people are struggling with too many Zoom meetings and webinars. Now they are looking for alternatives to Zoom that allow them to provide a significant upgrade to their webinar experience above and beyond other platforms.

What makes a good webinar?  Interaction (live chat, interaction between attendees and the speaker), great content, polling, downloadable supplemental materials, your branding and more.  

The webinar platform includes support for these key features, just to name a few:

  • Live, simulated live, and on-demand video presentations
  • Interactive, powerful chat system that supports social links, integration of video chat, and other options for attendees
  • Exhibitor booths allow exhibitors to present their products and services and participate in your events.
  • Sell sponsorships 
  • A full help desk system for your attendees
  • Customized microsite for registrations
  • Run pre-roll and post-roll video (promote your other work, or your sponsor’s… or both)

It’s easy to get started. There is even a free option!

When considering a platform, make sure the options you consider include interaction with attendees, reporting on attendance, and options for making your sessions unique.

One of the areas you can most make a difference is customization.  This includes your logo, any background images you’d like to include, video that automatically shows prior to your session and/or after it, even custom buttons for assets associated with the session.  These are important opportunities to provide information and resources for your attendees.

Contact us today to talk about the various approaches to holding your next virtual or hybrid event.  We can discuss the different branding choices, the different approaches to presentations and even sponsorship packages.