Friday Feature with vConferenceOnline:
Conversation Hall

Engagement. Networking. Face-to-face interaction. Breakouts. 

If you host virtual events, you’ve looked for ways to create the ever-elusive “engagement” for your events. You’ve also asked each of your vendors what they offer in networking. 

Answers like “artificial intelligence-powered matchmaking backed up by machine learning” have likely been thrown around by many of the platforms you’ve looked at. WIth excitement, you (virtually) signed on the dotted line and hosted your event. Then you received the feedback from your attendees. 

“The matchmaking wasn’t like in real life.”

“I don’t want to give up that information to a 3rd party vendor.”

“Felt a little big-brother-ish for me.”

“I was matched with people I had no interest in meeting with.”

“I didn’t use it – I was there for the content.”

One of the most significant benefits of attending an event in person is networking with your fellow attendees. The spontaneous meetings with past acquaintances in the coffee shop of the convention center. Seeing a colleague whom you worked with ten years ago walking in the halls between the session rooms. Having the opportunity to hop in a room to have a face-to-face Q&A session with a specific speaker. These are priceless opportunities often lost in the virtual event environments commonly used. 

Not anymore. 

Let us introduce vConferenceOnline’s Conversation Hall. 

This space has been used throughout the beginning of the year in several events, and we’ve received great feedback! Here’s what one event organizer told us

“The newly implemented “Conversation Hall” offered free-flowing social interaction. Large and small groups could get together and have their own conversations, while also being aware of the movements of the larger group. The layout was visually appealing, while also being straightforward for more technologically challenged attendees.”

Our conversation Hall allows you to: 

  1. Make networking more accessible than ever and allow for the spontaneous opportunities often missed. 
  2. Alleviate the privacy concerns of your attendees by not asking probing questions or getting social media levels of information on them. 
  3. Create a fun, engaging space for all types of conversations! 

The Conversation Hall is an innovative new way to network and has the potential to change the networking landscape. It’s more accessible than ever before and alleviates privacy concerns. Plus, it’s just plain fun! Click below to schedule a demo and see how the Hall can work for you!

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