Friday Feature with vConferenceOnline: Fully Managed

Read to the end, and I’ll tell you how you can get a free Fully Managed event with our experienced team. Having been in the virtual and hybrid event industry for over 15 years, we understand that virtual events can be complicated at times. Your event team also has shrunk and doesn’t have the same capabilities that it used to have. 

Despite this, your organization is still expecting the same results, or better, than three years ago when you were exclusively in-person. 

While virtual events can offer massive benefits over in-person events, a lot goes into them. 

  • You are teaching your speakers how to live stream. 
  • You are helping your exhibitors learn how to maximize this new space. 
  • You are communicating with your attendees about what to expect. 
  • You are building out your event space. 
  • You are creating the marketing materials. 
  • You are spending hours uploading any pre-recorded sessions. 

All of this while learning the various platforms available and ensuring that you have selected the right virtual platform. Even worse? Many of you are ‘accidental event planners’ and have additional responsibilities for your organization. 

You need help to maximize your virtual events and allow you to exceed your organization’s expectations, especially with a smaller team. 

Let us introduce vConferenceOnline’s Fully Managed support

Leveraging vConferenceOnline’s Fully Managed support offering, you can: 

  • Have contract-to-event support for your speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and poster presenters. We’ll teach them the best practices for recordings, maximizing their ROI from their spaces, and help them build out their booths, saving you time and money. 
  • Attend weekly status meetings with your Customer Success Professional to see how your virtual event is coming along and receive one-on-one coaching on best practices and forward-thinking strategies for your event to help you avoid any pitfalls. You will look like an event mastermind for your organization. 
  • NOT build your event. We’ll take care of all of the data entry, uploads, and other items to create your event. Our support team will even send out your email blasts to give your attendees any information they may need before your event. This will save you so much time to focus on your event’s marketing to ensure that you crush all of your event strategy goals. 

You’ll still need to create the content, find your speakers and sponsors, and provide the materials on time. However, you won’t have to worry about training your speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, or poster presenters. After ensuring that everything is with our team, you just need to focus on the marketing and driving attendees to your registration. We will also come alongside your team to maximize other features, including introduction videos, conversation halls, ticket types, and more! 

Ready to learn how you can get a free Fully Managed event? Click below to schedule a demo to see vConferenceOnline in action and put “Wifflesnargits” in your note section to get a free Fully Managed event with any amazing service annual agreement.

Our Fully Managed support will help you make hosting your event so that you can focus on your event strategy. Part of your strategy has to be ensuring that your event strategy is not revolving around only one event a year. You must have a content re-use plan and a way to maximize attendee engagement in your events. Click below to download our Winning Event Strategy to see how you can increase registration retention and create excitement around your events that will attract additional attendees!