Full Range of Service Levels

Options, Support and Coaching

vConferenceOnline offers a full range of service options.  From fully-self-service to Fully Managed, we’re here to help, at the level most effective for you and your event.

Self-Service – self service gives you full access to the VME, access to our regularly scheduled webinars for exhibitors and speakers and all of the help libraries and utilities that make up the platform.  We’ll also provide standard hours support with the support desk. You’ll have full access to setup, configure, audit and manage your event, its associated exhibitors and sessions and other attributes of your event.

Assisted Service (Standard) – Our standard service levels introduces your Event Coach to help you learn the platform, to provide best practices, provide event audits and help out with rehearsals for live streams, guidance for event setup and making sure you know how and where things work, what works well for approaches and what might not fit your goals as well.

Concierge Services – Our concierge services include assistance setting up all elements, configuring your event, providing all support options above and generally helping as an extension to your team, when it comes to setting up your event, establishing your schedules, different approaches to registration, working with exhibitors, and providing extensive feedback and guidance on event configuration, tracks, and more.

Fully Managed Services – our fully managed services include all setup and testing of your event, full event audits, working with speakers, working with exhibitors, essentially we’ll help take over a wide array of event responsibilities for you – so you can concentrate on finding and signing up the best presenters, the best exhibitors and we’ll take care of the rest.  From chasing down session materials to coaching exhibitors to custom webinars for your speakers and exhibitors.  

In short, we’re here to help!  

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