Friday Feature with vConferenceOnline: Ticket Types

Sometimes specific attendees just don’t need access to everything in your event. In your in-person event, badges were visible for your team to know who belonged. 

An exhibitor with an exhibit hall only badge in your keynote lecture? Out of there. 

Non-board members in your board meeting? Never going to happen. 

Your salespeople in a different district’s training? Not necessary and could cause confusion. 

Different badges or tickets have been a requirement for the smooth execution of events for a long time. You’ve set up sponsorship packages allowing your exhibitors and vendors limited access to your attendees. You’ve also used multiple types of tickets to increase your total ticket sales or increase the perceived value of attending your event. It’s been a crucial bit of your event strategy. 

The problem is that you’ve ignored this with your virtual or hybrid events, or it hasn’t been effectively offered by the virtual platform you’ve selected. 

Let us introduce vConferenceOnline’s Ticket Types.

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By leveraging our industry-unique Ticket Types, you can: 

  1. Develop powerful sponsorship packages that will efficiently monetize your event while still limiting access to your attendees. Your attendees will have spaces where they won’t feel like they are getting ‘sold’ or spammed and will be incredibly grateful, and your sponsors will get more qualified traffic! 
  2. Create unique ticket types to continue marketing your event after your event is over. The flexibility you will provide your attendees to choose to watch sessions at the best time for them (even 2 AM!) allows them to continue to look at you as a leader in your industry. 
  3. Allow different segments of your attendees to have access only to the sessions they need. This is optimal for large sales organizations where individual districts need various information. 
  4. Turn on or off in-person attendees’ video streams in a hybrid event. This option allows the attendees to still focus on the speaker they are in front of while interacting with your virtual attendees from around the world and downloading any presentation materials. 

Our Ticket Types are a powerful way for you and your team to host a powerful and enduring event while providing the flexibility and adaptability your attendees need. vConferenceOnline can uniquely help you leverage this powerful tool to create a powerfully customizable online event. Click below now to learn more.

While these RegTypes are powerful tools for you and your organization, you must have an event strategy. Close to 40% of companies have no documented content strategy. Don’t be one of them. Click below to download your Winning Event Strategy to address this gap.