Three Tips For Transitioning Your In-Person Hiring Event To A Virtual Platform

With many companies just opening up and getting back to normal, the last thing we want to do is head back into a chaotic time of closings and event cancellations or postponements. However, this highly volatile time means that companies are forced to adapt faster and more effectively than ever before to remain competitive.

In-person events are constantly threatening change, but cancellation doesn’t have to be the result for many. Far too often, events such as hiring fairs are too important to cancel, which is why many event organizers are leveraging the power of technology to keep businesses running smoothly and events up and running. If you find yourself needing to move an in-person hiring event to an online platform quickly, consider these tips for a successful and seamless pivot.

Choose The Right Virtual Platform

The most crucial decision to be made is choosing the right virtual platform for your hiring event. Take into consideration any potential stake

holders and your attendees and what they will need when evaluating virtual platforms.

The virtual platform you choose for your event should be able to be quickly up and running, provide a high level of support from company experts, and offer features to help you replicate crucial aspects of your event. It should also offer the ability to live broadcast any speakers or conduct real-time interviews as needed. Make sure the virtual platform you choose will be available for any troubleshooting that may be necessary before, during, and after your event.

Take Advantage Of Your Digital Assets

Most likely, most of your resources intended for print for your hiring event are already in a digital format. These files can be converted into PDFs and uploaded to create the content necessary for you to proceed virtually without skipping a beat. If you had intended on having presenters or vendors, ask for their digital materials so that you can work them into the virtual event.

Communicate Your Transition Plan

Make sure you effectively communicate your plan to transition your in-person hiring event to a virtual platform for all participates. You can offer new platform training or request the virtual company you use to provide you with training sessions. Before your event day, all participants should be familiar with the virtual space and comfortable with the event interface. You may also want to include video interview tips and best practices for those unfamiliar with the format.

The earlier you implement this transition to a virtual platform plan and ensure all participants are on board; your event will flow more smoothly.