Mini-Virtual Events - Up To Speed Quickly

Many people ask what it takes to set up a virtual event, get things going, and start to explore the world of virtual conferences.   So many times, we receive the questions…

  • How do you hold an event online?
  • How do you create virtual event?
  • How does a virtual event work?

It’s a matter of presenting great content in a way that people can really absorb it, learn from it and put it to use.  The event environment needs to make sure people know how to get around, find the sessions they want, interact with other attendees and find sponsors and exhibitors that are of interest.  

Getting started with your first events can be daunting – from setting up the sessions and schedule to working out attendee and exhibitor packages.  

Mini-events are trimmed down virtual events or conferences that let you hold a smaller event in terms of sessions and exhibitors, but still take advantage of the platform and its features.  You’ll be able to set up your registration form, the microsite, the different scheduling options and receive great support. 

It’s also a less expensive foray into the virtual event space, and you can really get your audience involved, speakers engaged and exhibitors and sponsors rolling, so they can see how effective virtual events can be.  Mini-events offer you that smaller model with the full-platform features that make it all work.  

It’s easy to get started – and we’ll include great features, including, among other things:

  • Customizable microsite for registration and event information, per-event (full event environments, so you can have simultaneous events!)
  • Customizable event setup, lobby, logos, colors, signage and features.  
  • Exhibit hall for sponsors
  • Help center for attendee and show organizer assistance
  • Social profiles, including video chat options, and full interactive chat options for attendee-to-attendee and attendee-to-presenter interaction
  • On-demand access post-event
  • Much more

It’s easy to get started – select the Mini-event option below or request a private demo. 

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