Friday Feature with vConferenceOnline:
Simulive Sessions

Speaker management is time-consuming and often requires hours of back and forth on topics, resources, timing, and more. 

In-person, it is almost impossible to avoid. Finding the speakers. Negotiating contracts. Discussing topics to refine your content offering. Coordinating travel details. Ensuring that they arrive at the venue on time. Having an AV team double-check the equipment, so their presentation goes off flawlessly. Starting their session on time. 

It’s a nightmare. And you do this for multiple speakers! 

Many of these tasks were still required when you had to switch to a virtual platform and tried to replicate your in-person events with live streaming. Sure, you didn’t need to coordinate travel, but you had to teach your speakers how to live stream, which is a different task altogether. Content needs to be optimized for the virtual setting, and technical issues were a nightmare. Speakers lost their internet connections randomly, the service you were using to capture the stream, often Zoom or Teams, couldn’t handle the rapidly increasing demand on their servers, or your speakers got sick or any other millions of personal challenges. 

It was a nightmare, but it doesn’t need to be that way! 

Let us introduce vConferenceOnline’s Simulive Sessions.

You’ll be happy as this puppy when you use simulive sessions. By using vConferenceOnline’s Simiulive Sessions, you can: 

  • Double the amount of time and attention your attendees get with a speaker! For every hour of simulive session, your attendees can get 2 hours of interaction with the speaker. The speaker will be on a pre-recorded video. At the same time, they are also available to answer any questions in real-time, allowing the attendees to maximize the information they take in from the presentation. 
  • Approve the session content before it is delivered to your attendees. The reporting agency must approve the individual sessions as a standard requirement for events that provide continuing education for their attendees. Simulive allows you access to the same session recording, so you know there will be no nonsequiturs throughout the presentation. 
  • Remove almost all of the risks associated with live streaming. Livestreaming has inherent risks undertaken by anyone doing a live broadcast, whether for a virtual conference or television. By no longer live streaming, you don’t have to worry about solid internet connections, short of a widespread outage, for your speaker, illness, unexpected travel, or streaming services going dark. Your company can’t afford to have dead air, so simulive sessions are ideal and allow you the most peace of mind. 

vConferenceOnline’s Simulive sessions are a great way to communicate important information and presentations to your attendees without the risks associated with live streaming. These critical session types have been supported from the very beginning of our platform, as we know that presentations are one of the biggest headaches for companies. 

While ensuring that the sessions are being presented to your attendees successfully is one of the biggest challenges facing event organizers, we understand that budgets and smaller teams are an even more significant challenge! With our free Fully Managed offer, vConferenceOnline will take over the loading of these simulive sessions along with the rest of the build of your virtual conference. This allows you more time to increase your event’s marketing to drive sponsor revenue! 

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