Friday Feature with vConferenceOnline: CE Tracking System

Friday Feature with vConferenceOnline: CE Tracking System Read to the end, and I’ll tell you how you can get a free Fully Managed event with our experienced team to help you take advantage of this week’s Friday Feature – our

Case Study – Childbirth Association

Case Study: Childbirth Association The Event A childbirth association was looking to educate its members around the world, using presentations that were eligible for continuing education credits. They had many classes recorded already and wanted to be able to continue

Different Event Types for Hosting Online

Different Event Types for Hosting Online Online conferences, Conventions, Tradeshows, and Continuing Education are used throughout the world for all types of industries. Create, produce and host a wide variety of events with options for keynote/plenary sessions, training sessions, presentations,

University-Style Courses

Online and Virtual University-Style Courses Organizations and learning institutions of all levels are looking for ways to virtualize their curriculums and provide students the ability to take classes and learn at their own pace. Many institutions have spent millions of

Corporate Training Courses

Training internal and external stakeholders on processes, support issues and overall organizational issues can be a huge undertaking, requiring substantial budgets for travel and large time commitments from executives and managers. There is an easier way. The platform is

Professional Certifications

Most organizations deal with professional requirements that mandate their employees, consultants or agents to complete a number of courses for credit in order to maintain their professional status. Those working in education, health care, finance, and many other professions are