Your event is over – now what? 3 steps you need to take after every event

Your event is over – now what? 3 steps you need to take after every event You’ve spent weeks, months, or maybe a year planning your event. You’ve overcome innumerable hurdles ranging from large to small. Budget. Finding a platform.

Case Study – Childbirth Association

Case Study: Childbirth Association The Event A childbirth association was looking to educate its members around the world, using presentations that were eligible for continuing education credits. They had many classes recorded already and wanted to be able to continue

Case study – Technology Membership Site

Case Study: Technology Membership Site The Event An information technology company was looking to host an event to reach both their current site members and potential future members. They wanted to use this event to bring awareness to their database

Corporate Meetings, Presentations

Every organization has the need to communicate important information and content. will help you do this while saving both time and money. The platform allows you to easily conduct meetings with small and large audiences from the comfort

Live, Pre-Recorded, On-Demand, Simulated Live Sessions

Live, Pre-Recorded, On-Demand, Simulated Live Sessions With the platform, you have options. One such option is the way your event plays out to the public. You can choose to pre-record all of your event’s materials and build a Simulated-Live

University-Style Courses

Online and Virtual University-Style Courses Organizations and learning institutions of all levels are looking for ways to virtualize their curriculums and provide students the ability to take classes and learn at their own pace. Many institutions have spent millions of

Corporate Training Courses

Training internal and external stakeholders on processes, support issues and overall organizational issues can be a huge undertaking, requiring substantial budgets for travel and large time commitments from executives and managers. There is an easier way. The platform is