Friday Feature with vConferenceOnline:
Day of Event Support

It’s here – the day of your event! You’ve spent weeks, months, or a year planning, organizing, and marketing your event. 

The attendees are filing through the doors, excited and ready to take in new information and to make new connections. Your speakers are getting ready for their presentations, going over any last-minute changes that may be needed. Your sponsors are opening up their booths, ready to reach out and help your attendees in any way that they can. 

Suddenly – the unexpected happens, which always seems to happen in events. The ticket app that you were using to streamline the attendee checkin process goes down, and you have no backup. There’s a massive backup on the freeway, and your keynote speaker won’t be there in time. The power goes out in the expo hall, and all of your sponsors are left in darkness. A projector starts smoking, and your speakers will no longer be able to share their slides. 

Your venue often has a help desk that is available that has someone who can help with any facilities-related issues. Your AV team likely is able to step in and help out with the projector and come up with solutions. But you are stuck trying to figure out rescheduling and communication to your attendees and, worse, your organization wants updates every 5 minutes. 

While it’s, thankfully, rare for all of this to happen in a single event, the unexpected happens in every event. When you had to make the transition to virtual, you expected the same unexpected problems. However, many platforms were so inexperienced and understaffed that they were unable to provide you with the necessary support while building the event, let alone the day of your event! 

Let us introduce you to vConferenceOnline’s Day of Event Support. 

By using vConferenceOnline’s Day of Event Support, you can:

  • Provide in-event support for your attendees, speakers, and sponsors. Our experienced internal team will help your attendees with any questions that they have and will troubleshoot any technical issues, including firewall difficulties, browser settings, audio/video issues, and more! 
  • Gain access to our top-notch Red Alert system. While not all challenges in your event qualify, certain unexpected occurrences qualify for our Red Alert system. This will jump to the front of the queue for our support team and will get a response in less than 3 minutes. They’ll work with you in real-time to resolve the difficulties you are facing and will be your main point of contact until it is resolved. 
  • Have the team that helped you build the event support your event. The team that provides you and your sponsors with support during the build of your event is the same team that provides you support on the day of your event. This means that they know your event intimately and will be far more efficient in addressing any of your concerns. 

vConferenceOnline’s Day of Event Support can provide you with the necessary support in all areas of your event, including real-time updates of your Introduction Video, Ticket Types, Conversation Hall, session schedules, Track ordering, and more! We’ll be able to address your concern quickly and have you back enjoying your event and reporting the updates to your organization. Our average resolution time is under 2 minutes. Why are you still using a platform that outsources their support and takes 15 minutes or longer to address your concerns, if they are able to at all? Click below to see vConferenceOnline in action and learn how we can give you peace of mind on the day of your event.

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