Event Readiness Checklist

Event Readiness Checklist

Do you find virtual or hybrid events to be complicated? This checklist based on our 14+ years of experience will give you a great starting point to ensure that critical components are not missed. 

When you simplify your virtual and hybrid event process here’s what happens next: 

 Your event does not require you to spend every waking moment building your event. This means that you have more time to do those crucial components that are part of your job. 

 Your event build takes less time, allowing you to churn out more events making your event strategy event more successful. Your organization will be thrilled with you and won’t be looking for a new planner! 

✅ You have the capacity to work more closely with your sponsors and speakers to provide them the level of support that they deserce which will make them want to come back event after event. 

✅  You won’t miss critical components of your event because you have a system to ensure that items are being completed. This means that your event will go off smoothly and you won’t have any panicked emergency calls during your event. 

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