We Can Build Your Event Entirely for You

There are many times where you may have a virtual or hybrid online event in need of a full-court press to pull together and get rolling.  

We have a team with decades of experience, ranging from Event Coaches to live streaming assistance to the creation of sponsor/exhibitor packages and more. The team is here to help your event be a success as part of our Fully Managed Services for Virtual and Hybrid events.  These services take all of the details off your plate, letting you focus on content, marketing and other critical aspects of your event. 

As event organizers consider virtual events and the services needed for them, the same questions come up time and time-again.  Some of the most often asked questions about virtual or hybrid events include:

  • What are the types of virtual events?
  • How do you manage virtual events?
  • How do you make interactive virtual events?
  • How do you have a successful virtual event?
  • How do you set up a hybrid virtual event?

This service will cover all of these for you – reviewing exactly what you’ll need to consider, how it’s done and where it comes into place for your event.  

Fully-managed events include all of the features of the Concierge service level and Standard (Amazing) Service levels, and add a comprehensive set of services designed to take over for your team, “from the contract, to the event.”  In other words, when you’ve signed a speaker, just hand them off to the team.  Signed an exhibitor?  Hand them off to the team. 

We’ll make sure things are covered – here’s just a small look at the additional services included:

  • Weekly status meetings with your event coach
  • Speaker management (training, Q&A, arranging video options, coordination of the collection of assets, etc.)
  • Event schedule setup and management (sessions, overall schedule, with your approval)
  • Data entry of session information, speaker information and other aspects
  • Full setup of the event in the vConferenceOnline.com admin tools portal
  • Production coaching and rehearsal 
  • Exhibitor management (training, making sure they know the setup tools, answering questions, reminders to complete setup, etc.)
  • Development (custom development) discount
If you’re interested in finding out more and applying for this exclusive program, please use the Request Demo option below or the registration option from the pricing page.  Please be sure to mention the Fully Managed service level in your registration form in the comments section.