Friday Feature with vConferenceOnline: Introduction Video

Do you remember the first time you entered an event? It was overwhelming, even if you organized it! There’s a lot of activity, and different spaces demand your attention. Lectures. Sponsors. Networking. Poster Halls. Most importantly: coffee! 

As your attendees became more accustomed to in-person events, that sense of being overwhelmed was whittled away. They became second nature to you and your attendees. 

Then things had to change. Rapidly. Virtual events became a necessity for you and your organization. You found what you thought was the best platform with the most features, and those additional features intimidated attendees because they didn’t align with past experiences! 

Your attendees most likely entered an environment that didn’t feel like an event. It felt like either a webpage or a video game, and they struggled to understand where they were going or what to do. Even worse – no familiar faces were welcoming them to the event! 

Let us introduce vConferenceOnline’s introduction video!

You can update this introduction video as often as you would like, and it will automatically play for the attendees when they enter the event. You get complete control over how often they can see this and how often you want to update it. 

By leveraging these introduction videos, you can: 

  • Welcome each of your attendees to the event for the first time. Provide a friendly face to introduce your event and tell them about any unique things you want them to know about. 
  • Thank your sponsors. You can include this in your sponsorship packages to help drive leads and bring more awareness to their brand. 
  • Drive attendee retention by allowing them to see the people behind the screen. Your organization wants to drive engagement, and video communication is the top way to drive connection! 

Utilizing this introduction video will allow your attendees to feel valued and comfortable inside your virtual event. vConferenceOnline has many other features that will help you create events that can catapult your organization into thought leaders in your industry. We also have the support to help you turn your once-a-year event into a year-long comprehensive content-reuse plan. Click below to learn how we can come alongside you and your team to bring in significant revenue and help accelerate your event strategy!

These introduction videos can be an excellent asset for your sponsors, but you need other tools to help drive the leads and revenue for your sponsors that they want. Click below to download our Sponsorship Package Playbook to help you create phenomenal packages that will help increase your event revenue.