Creating and Running Self-Service Virtual Events

When getting started with virtual conferences, or even after you’ve completed a few and are feeling great about it, one of the key factors can be whether you can manage the event, the setup and most of the configuration yourself.  In short, self-service can be a great option for those that want to have all of the control and want to manage the process of setup. 

How Do I Choose A Virtual Event Platform?
This is perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions. It comes down to the time you have available, the features you need and the access to create a memorable event for your attendees, stakeholders, sponsors and exhibitors. 

What does all of that mean?  When looking at other platforms, it often comes down to the how much access and control you’ll have for setting up your event.  Are you able to add new sessions yourself?  Add and change graphics?  Turn most features on and off as you need? These are important questions, even if you’re in a full-service environment. 

These become even more critical in a self-service environment.  You need to be able to configure things like chat, options for attendees, custom questions on the registration form, import and export attendees and other information and much more.

With, you’ll have access to these and more, so you can update them as you see fit.  

How Do I Have a Virtual Event?
Setting up your virtual event or conference will require setting up your schedule of sessions, outlining your speakers and their content, setting up registration, and even getting the exhibit hall set up if you’ll be having one.

With, these are all part of the VME – the Virtual Manager for Events.  This portal allows you to create new events, set up the sessions, see attendee information, configure your exhibit hall and more.  You’ll also be able to directly import (at no additional cost) attendees, speakers, exhibitors sessions and even poster presentations.

The fact that you can, if you would like, set up the virtual event or conference in a self-service way, with you getting things set up, and still getting support and guidance from the system, is critical to a self-service virtual conference.  

With, you will have access to videos, on-screen assistance, our help library and even our support bot that has all of the answers to questions that will come up.   Options range from all sorts of configuration options for sessions and booths and customizing your lobbies and look and feel, to how you want to have your microsite set up and whether you’ll be charging for your event.  

Check out the self-service pricing, or set up a private demo and we’ll see if self-service virtual events might be a great fit for your requirements. 

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