2022 Medical Association Event Strategy: The Benefits of Hybrid and Virtual Events

Organizations in the medical field have unique needs when it comes to events. They need a platform that can handle the complexities of their CME tracking and submission processes while also providing an engaging experience for attendees. Virtual and hybrid events are the perfect solution for these organizations. This blog post will explore the benefits of virtual and hybrid events and how they can help medical associations meet their goals in 2022.

2020 and 2021 Medical Association Event Strategy

In 2020 and 2021, medical associations were sent scrambling for an event technology solution to continue their events. These events ranged from annual association meetings to regional conferences to vital continuing education events that allowed professionals to maintain their licenses through the pandemic.

Virtual events reigned supreme, but it was out of necessity rather than quality. 

New virtual event platforms sprang up like weeds in a space where previously there had only been a few weathered veteran platforms. Many of these new platforms were unable to keep up with demand and had to turn people away because they were not prepared for your needs as an event organizer.

Sponsors were upset with the lack of attendees who came to their ‘booths’ and limited sponsorship opportunities. Speakers were frustrated with their limited technology knowledge and frequent mistakes that seemed amplified in a virtual environment. Attendees enjoyed the flexibility of the virtual event with their ability to decide when and where they obtained their information, even if they missed the in-person opportunity to engage with other attendees. Finally, event organizers were frustrated with the limited offerings and the ‘janky’ admin tools available on these new platforms.

Understandably, event organizers are eager to wash the bitter taste out of their mouths from previous virtual events that they ran on platforms that were not ready for their demands. There is one problem with this eagerness to go back to normal.

Attendees aren’t showing up.

The Benefits of Hybrid and Virtual Events

Medical event organizers must look at the benefits of hybrid and virtual events and realize that their attendees have reached a tipping point and now expect these types of events. You must accept this as an event planner and learn to incorporate them into your event strategy. Hybrid and virtual events include benefits such as:

  • Time savings
  • Shorter planning time
  • Overall costs
  • CME tracking

Time Savings

Attendees will no longer tolerate being ‘forced’ to travel for CME credits. Even when paired with stunning locations like Fiji or Maui, these travel opportunities are no longer an acceptable option. Too much time is taken away from their practices and other pressing concerns. Most importantly, too much time is taken away from their family.

The attendees aren’t the only ones benefiting from this! 

Sponsors can keep their best representatives working while also being the main point of contact for a virtual booth. They can also get a much higher ROI if they work the event properly and are provided with phenomenal sponsorship packages.

Speakers also benefit from saving time since they can decide when and where they want to record their lecture. If they opt to live stream their presentation, they can also stream from anywhere in the world as long as there is a solid internet connection!

Shorter planning time

Speaking of time savings, event organizers worldwide have realized how little time they truly need to pull off great events online.


We’ve seen events put together in as little as one business day! As long as all of the materials and speaker coordination have been in place, virtual events tend to be easier to put together. Many platforms even give you an event checklist to ensure that you don’t miss any small details!

With no need to coordinate catering, security, ticket checkers, parking, hotel blocks, and more, purely virtual events offer you considerable time savings on the planning end!

Overall costs

Purely virtual events have substantial cost savings over in-person events. Top-tiered options, including premium “fully managed” options, are often a fraction of the cost of an in-person venue. Hybrid events have a significant leg up here as well with their extended reach. A comparable event, often including attendees worldwide, would not be feasible on the same budget as a hybrid event.  


Your organization isn’t the only one feeling the cost savings! Your attendees are saving money with their travel and hotel accommodations without traveling to your event. Your sponsors likewise eliminate or reduce travel expenses, but they can also remove their document printing costs. Sponsors can deliver white papers, brochures, and more virtually!

CME tracking

CME tracking is a nightmare. There are varying requirements across specialties with all of the different certifying bodies available worldwide. But you already know that.

CME assessments can be time-intensive to grade or input into your LMS.

Certificates are often custom and can be troublesome to create at scale for all of your attendees. 

Reporting your credits to the correct place in the appropriate format can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Let your event platform help you! Veteran platforms like vConferenceOnline have years of experience with these requirements and can often do all of these steps! 

Final Thoughts

The medical field is starting to see the benefits of virtual and hybrid events. These events are no longer a novelty but rather the new normal. Organizations in this field need a platform that can handle the complexities of their CME tracking and submission processes while also providing an engaging experience for attendees. At vConferenceOnline, we understand these needs and are excited to help you transition to a veteran virtual or hybrid platform. Click below to schedule a consultation with us to discuss how we can help you take your event planning to the next level!

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