Friday Feature with vConferenceOnline: Industry Unique Track System

Friday Feature with vConferenceOnline:Industry Unique Track System Read to the end, and I’ll tell you how you can get a free Fully Managed event with vConferenceOnline.  In-person events offer excellent connection and content opportunities for your attendees, and often an

Case study – Technology Membership Site

Case Study: Technology Membership Site The Event An information technology company was looking to host an event to reach both their current site members and potential future members. They wanted to use this event to bring awareness to their database

Webinar Tools VS

What are some of the key differences between webinar tools and’s event platform? Many times, there are questions about using a webinar tool to put together a virtual conference or tradeshow event.  A virtual conference platform is quite different

Session Tracks, Seamless Playback, Attendee Experience

If you are hosting an event that offers more than one session, it can be a challenge to let your attendees know when and where the next session is playing. We’ve built a unique playlist system to offer a seamless

Industry-Unique Track System

The unique track system built-in to lets you leverage the way people have traditionally attended in-person events into your online event.  You’ll be able to create rooms, or tracks, that will provide a high-level “handle” on the presentations at