Industry-Unique Track System

Set up sessions just as you would with an in-person event, establishing a schedule, setting up rooms that you name anything you like.  From “Sales,” and “Marketing” to “Corporate” and “Learning.”

Set up unlimited tracks of sessions, simultaneous rooms of sessions
Click to Enlarge ~ Set up unlimited tracks of sessions, simultaneous rooms of sessions

You can have as many tracks and sessions as needed.  What’s more, you’ll be broadcasting your sessions to your attendees just like TV – this means you have truly unique options for video between sessions.

This gives you new ways to monetize air time between sessions and also means the attendee experience is the same as going to an in-person event – if they simply remain in the room, the next session starts, automatically, at the scheduled time.

Sponsored sessions, where a sponsor is able to collect leads from particular sessions and/or have their logo information associated with the session(s) provides some additional very unique options for supporters of your events.
The track system continues to the on-demand selector, allowing you to group sessions by track, making it easier for the attendee to locate information and session content they’d like to view.
Since the next session in a given track begins automatically, you have unique options for using the airtime between sessions – you can use this time for speaker interviews or as time to provide additional information about your own products and services… any mix of these.

We’ll be here to help, every step of the way.

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