Case Study: Childbirth Association

The Event

A childbirth association was looking to educate its members around the world, using presentations that were eligible for continuing education credits. They had many classes recorded already and wanted to be able to continue to add presentations as things changed, as they added more people to their team, and as they came up with new topics. They needed a highly visual, virtual environment to show specific techniques and situations that may arise.

The Challenge

This event needed to be available 24/7. They also needed to be able to add or take away presentations whenever things changed, as well as present them with different formats depending on the topics and speakers.

This organization wanted to be able to re-use the presentations from the live event, later, as classes that would allow their members to get continuing education credits.

The Solution has many formats available for its clients, including webcasts, online classes, and virtual conferences. This group wanted multiple formats to achieve a more comprehensive structure for their offerings.

When the event had concluded, they created online classes using the sessions presented. They were able to have their members register once, then access every new presentation as it was added, including the materials that go along with them.

For other presentations that stood alone, they arranged either scheduled or on-demand webcasts, allowing them to track who watched them, how long they watched, and anything else the attendee did inside the event as well as deliver certificates.

More than 2,000 people have watched their materials to date, with more added to that count each month. They have been able to continue to grow this list of presentations and educate midwives around the world for two years – and they plan to keep going with both paid conferences and paid classes.