Most organizations deal with professional requirements that mandate their employees, consultants or agents to complete a number of courses for credit in order to maintain their professional status. Those working in education, health care, finance, and many other professions are required to remain current in a range of areas inside their industry.

The virtual event platform is perfect for offering these types of courses for professional credits while allowing attendees to attend and participate in the course at their convenience. The platform provides the perfect online solution for continuing education and professional learning.


The Session Room 
Training or speaker sessions can be broadcast either live or through a pre-recorded session with the tools provided by the platform.

Live, simulated live, on-demand and any combinations of these options are all available to provide rich video options to optimize the learning experience for your attendees. 

Custom Registration Pages
Each online event created with has a unique registration page that attendees can access to learn about the event and register.

Support for multiple ticket types, coupon codes, free and paid events, and customizable registration questions is included. In addition, we offer either an import function or an API interface that allows you to bring registrations over from an external registration site if desired.

Completion Certificates
Once students or attendees complete a class or an entire course the platform can automatically generate a certificate of completion or diploma that the attendee can access.

Extensive Reporting
The Online Event platform provides a number of built-in reports showing attendee activity, progress and event reports. All reports can be accessed online through the administration portal.

In addition, full booth reporting, attendance reporting, and even session polls and quizzes are all available.

Live, Interactive Chat
With the live chat system, you’ll be able to chat directly with attendees – you can use the text-based integrated into your event.

Administrative tools include fully-moderated chat, private chats, and more. You can also use emojis and access full chat logs for exhibitors, sessions, or the entire event.

Event Email Blasts
The platform comes with a completely integrated email module that allows you to create a complete email campaign, customized to your company, your needs, and your message.

We’ll help you create emails that help your attendees know what to expect and get the most from your online events.