Certification and Continuing Education Tracking (CEs, CEUs)

For some events, like Continuing Education, it’s useful and sometimes necessary to track attendee participation. Many event organizers also offer certifications for completing a certain set of sessions or content. We provide tools to track and award your attendees including support for CE codes.

These features include the ability to track session attendance time and the passing of a quiz to determine whether the materials presented were retained well by the attendee.

In many cases, the credits are different for proctored or live, presentations where the presenter is there to answer questions in chat during the presentation.  With vConferenceOnline.com, you can track sessions in live or on-demand mode, issue different certificate hours for each if needed, or merely report differently on them so the attendee’s credits are accurately recorded.

With full detailed reporting, you’ll be able to see how long, in minutes, the attendee was present in the session.  For each session, you can set a viewing requirement that outlines how long the attendee must be present, and as mentioned, can offer a quiz.  By setting up the quiz and viewing time, the system can automatically determine the attendee’s completion status.  If the requirements have been met, a certificate is issued directly from the system (it will even grade the quiz automatically).

The certificates issued are customizable with a custom header showing your organization’s credentials and information about the event as needed.  You can even download reporting to CSV files to track and keep record of the attendee’s participation in the programs.

This is a great bonus to your attendees and gives them an incentive to register for your event over another related event that might not offer CE credits. Those that obtain certification are also much more likely to attend your future events.