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Northwest Credit Union Association
Duke Radiology
The Society for Humanistic Psychology
DONA International
National Association for Family Child Care
College of Optometrists in Vision Development

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Intuitive event environment

Our industry-unique platform provides your attendees with an environment where there is no need to learn new terminology or processes.

Not only will you not have to build your event, but you will eliminate attendee confusion about how to navigate your event. Come see why Brian said, "The layout was visually appealing, while also being straightforward for more technologically challenged attendees. No one was overwhelmed by trying to navigate an overly complicated 3D space."

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Monetization opportunities

With options ranging from unique and varied sponsorship opportunities to payment processor integrations, there are countless ways to monetize your event to increase your ROI on your virtual event platform. Laura used these and said "It allowed us to distribute an event that received very positive ratings, and to meet our revenue goals."

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Whether you are looking for engagement, flexibility, revenue options, or continuing education tracking and certification, vConferenceOnline has the features YOU need to be successful as an event organizer. 

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Back in 2007, we were hosting webinars for a database administrator’s website. During a 1 hour webinar, the platform we were using had issues and the entire webinar went down. We called the support line and were told we would receive help in 4 hours or less. 

That clearly wasn’t going to work for our webinar. 

That was the genesis of vConferenceOnline. Since then we’ve worked with over a thousand brands and have hosted thousands and thousands of events. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the medical field to help with continuing education, annual conferences, webinars, and thought leadership. 

What are you waiting for? See how we can help YOU to host engaging and easy to host virtual or hybrid events that help generate revenue for you and provide continuing education and other information for your attendees.