Case Study – Physician Association

The Event

An association of eye doctors wanted to create a collection of presentations they could show to the world and provide for continuing education opportunities for both their online and offline communities. They wanted to share these presentations internationally to allow their viewers to watch them regardless of location or time zones, allowing all physicians to continue their education from the comfort and convenience of their own home or office, on their own schedule.

The Challenge

Previous, continuing education was typically done at an event such as an in-person conference or course. This may or may not have included a quiz after each presentation, or the event coordinators may simply have taken roll to track who truly attended the event.

To allow physicians internationally to view the event, this association had to be able to virtually track the attendees’ movements, from their entrance into the event, to which presentations they accessed, how long they watched those presentations, and it needed to include quizzes. They also had to be able to provide certificates for the attendees who completed the continuing education, and report credits back to the certifying body.

The Solution

Using vConferenceOnline’s comprehensive analytics, the association was able to track the attendees’ movements within the event, allowing them to access the information for any specific attendee to see which presentations they watched and how long, whether they took the quiz, and what their score was. They provided quizzes to vConferenceOnline and our platform automatically graded the quizzes and sent out virtual certificates to each attendee who passed the evaluation.

The event was a great success, allowing nearly 3,000 physicians to continue their education and get the credits and education they needed to continue to be on top of the new information, techniques, and tools in their sphere.

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