Chat and Social Integration Options

A big part of engaging your attendees in your event is giving them something to relate to and allowing communication between all involved. Our chat and social components are highly intuitive and easy to use. With special features like private, one-to-one, and moderated chat, and even hybrid options, the platform includes support for nearly any type of interaction you need.

Chat is supported in the live sessions and simulated live sessions.  With each option, speakers can be in the chat with the attendees while the session is playing!  You can also choose to moderate and control what gets released to your attendees in the chat.

The chat lounge is separate and distinct from the session chat and allows you to set up any number of chat rooms for continuing discussions.  These are great for “office hours” for speakers, spill-over discussions, and more.  In addition, attendees are able to create their own chat rooms in real-time.  This means that if they’ve found a topic they’d like to discuss with others, they can quickly and easily create a chat room and invite others to it, all within the event environment.

One great aspect of integrating social into your event is the option to hold contests or drawings. You can utilize hashtags and other forms of posting to enter attendees into the mix. Many of our clients like to use a Twitter hashtag to keep a live running of what others are saying about the event and its content. It can be a great way to keep your attendees engaged and interested in what’s going on, while still using tools they are familiar with and using already.