Friday Feature with vConferenceOnline: Zapier Integration

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In-person events have some significant aspects, but the amount of data on attendees that is easily accessible is not one of those strengths of in-person events. 

When companies were forced to switch to virtual conferences, virtual events rewarded them with unprecedented data on attendees. Everything from the exact number of minutes watched for each attendee to automatically captured booth reports was available. 

The difficulty that event organizers faced was how to use that data and put it into their databases efficiently. 

Some people exported data into ugly CSV files that never seemed to quite match up with their database fields. Some people free-keyed hundreds of thousands of records. Others had no easy way to access the data in the first place, so they never reaped the benefits of the available data. 

This doesn’t have to happen and shouldn’t happen. 

Let us introduce vConferenceOnline’s Zapier Integration!

Pictured: lightning fast carrying critical information about your attendees to your database!

By using vConferenceOnline’s Zapier Integration, you can: 

  • Leverage an optimized registration platform that is native to your virtual event platform. This allows you to keep registrations open throughout your event and into your On-Demand time frame without needing to import a specific file format into your event platform to provide access or to spend the precious time with your development to set up an API to push registration to your virtual platform. This will give you more opportunities to increase your attendance and revenue! 
  • Push registration data from your platform in near real-time to keep track of your attendees in your desired CRM. A Zapier integration will allow you to continue using whatever database you are already using without the need to hunt for a specific feature set for your virtual event platform while also worrying about effortlessly passing information about your attendees back to your database. 

By taking advantage of tools that you already have available and using vConferenceOnline’s Zapier integration, you will be able to reliably update your records on who attended which of your events. 

While focusing on driving quality content and getting information about your attendees, keeping your budget in mind is essential. With an economic recession looming, budgets are getting tighter, and teams face layoffs across industries. We took another look at how we can help companies continue with their events in the face of these challenges. Using the information on how people have used our platform over the past 15 years and their evolving needs, we’ve lowered our costs once more and are committed to performing this review every month to help where we can. 

You can now get unlimited events on the vConferenceOnline platform for little more than many organizations pay for an internal communication tool like Slack. This includes all the features you are looking for in your virtual platform, along with the flexibility to use the tools you want, when you want! Combine that with our specialization in providing Fully Managed services, and you are one step closer to hosting intuitive, easy-to-host, and profitable virtual events! 

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