Project Management, Setup and Management Assistance

We’ll be there, working with you each step of the way.

There are a number of details to setting up an event.  It’s important to understand what has historically worked well, ideas that can be re-used, and approaches that attendees and sponsors/exhibitors appreciate.

We’re here to help.

From an Event Coach to help to technical support, speaker support, and sponsor support, we’ll make sure you have help, ideas, and meaningful “part of the team” assistance.

We’ll help speakers understand options and understand your vision for their content.  We provide video, written, and live demonstration assistance for speakers.  It’s critical they understand the tips and tricks associated with the capture of sessions, whether it’s live, simulated live, or on-demand.

We’ll provide all of the customer support for your audience during registration, during the event time, during the on-demand period.  We’ll take care of any technical questions they may have and we’ll even provide technical support during the times of your event no matter what time zones your event is happening in, worldwide.  We want to make sure your attendees will be able to take full advantage of your event.

We’ll provide you, the show organizer, with planning guides, chat help, demonstration help, assistance setting-up, tips, ideas, and more.  We’ll meet with you to help provide ideas on marketing approaches, sponsor packages, attendee packages, different approaches to content, and later, content re-use.  We’ll help provide ideas on monetization and emphasizing interaction and other helpful aspects of your events.

In short, we love to do events!  We want to help make yours the most it can be.  We want to make sure you have all the support (and then some) that you will want to have for your events.