Friday Feature with vConferenceOnline:
Breakout Sessions

Quick note: This is part 3 of our 3-part Friday Feature series focusing on the different types of sessions supported. To see the previous articles, click below: 

One of the most impactful things about your in-person events is the ability of your attendees to interact with each other. You call these different things, ranging from roundtables to workshops, breakouts to discussions. No matter what you call them, they have always been some of the most impactful experiences of your event! 

Suddenly, 2020 forced you to switch to virtual events. You scrambled to find a platform that would provide you with the ability to save your event strategy. Hoping to protect your organization and generate revenue, you hosted virtual events with sessions. Still, most platforms pushed you towards live streamed sessions while completing their tool’s build. 

Your speakers and attendees said they wanted these live stream options but wanted the sessions to feel the way they remembered from your events. They wanted to interact with other attendees, trying to find face-to-face interaction to recover the human connection in your event. But live streaming doesn’t provide that in a one-to-many webinar format. 

Let us introduce vConferenceOnline’s Breakout Sessions! 

By using vConferenceOnline’s Breakout Sessions, you can: 

  • Drive dramatically improved interaction between members of your audience. Hoppier notes that breakout sessions are more informal and open, so there are plenty of ways for guests to contribute ideas, ask questions, and further their learning.
  • Improve content retention by your attendees. Breakout sessions involve interacting with the content, even if it is just a Q&A session after a quick presentation by your speaker. Research shows that connecting ideas and repeating and recalling information verbally improves learning retention. Continuing Education is one of the best reasons to leverage virtual events, and ensuring that your attendees understand the content will dramatically increase your brand reputation for providing top-quality virtual conferences. 

vConferenceOnline allows you to use whichever tool for breakouts your company has authorized. This could be Zoom, Teams, Webex, or any of the other various tools that are out there. You can choose to have these embedded in your session room among multiple tracks, or you can have these pop out to a different window. The options are endless! 

With session options ranging from live sessions to simulive sessions to breakout sessions, vConferenceOnline can provide endless possibilities for your next virtual conference. Providing a mix of content and interaction to your attendees will allow you to monetize your event effectively, helping to increase your total event revenue. 

While you are increasing your revenue, we also understand that budgets are getting tighter, teams are getting smaller, and you are expected to do more work with less. With hiring freezes and layoffs across industries, a complicated or unsupported platform can present you with an insurmountable barrier to hosting your next virtual conference or event. With our offer for a free Done For You event, vConferenceOnline will take over the build of your virtual event, allowing you more time to increase your marketing efforts, leading to more significant sponsor revenues and ticket purchases! 

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